March 14, 2021 - 10:40am --

Clark County 4-H Families and Volunteers:

There is still time to invite a friend to join 4-H with you.  This year’s 4-H Enrollment deadline is April 15.  Everyone must enroll or re-enroll on-line.  Go to to enroll.  You may access the direct link to enroll on the Clark County 4-H App under Clubs and Enrollment and complete enrollment off your phone. 

When you visit 4-H On-line it will look a little different.  Don’t panic!  It works the same.  For your convenience, you can view a 3 minute Re-Enroll in 4-H YouTube 

In addition, new members and families may also access a 3-minute YouTube for Enrolling in 4-H for the first time at share the link with friends and their families who are interested in joining for the first time.

4-H club advisors should have already given any returning 4-H families with your e-mail log-in.  You may also access one-page instruction sheets at If you need any assistance in enrolling or re-enrolling, please call 937-398-7604 or e-mail

Just a reminder that the 4-H Kick-off WILL NOT be held on April 6 due to the continued 50-person limit for  4-H events.     


Youth Quality Assurance Required by June 7, 2021 – Chance to Win Prizes in 2021 TOO!

Youth with market animals MUST complete the annual Youth Quality Assurance no later than June 7, 2021 to show at the Clark County and/or Ohio State Fair. 

Members Who Must Attend:  Market Beef, Market Dairy Steers, Market Goats, Market Hogs, Market Lambs, Meat Chickens, Meat Ducks, Meat Turkeys, Market Rabbits, Lactating Dairy Cows and Lactating Dairy Goats

How Can You Attend:  4-H Club QA Programs, Species Clinics Offering QA and ZOOM QA

Complete the Survey to Win Prizes:  Complete the 2021 Youth Quality Assurance Evaluation on-line after you participate in any 2021 Clark County Youth Quality Assurance Program.   Prizes will include gift certificates, cash awards, project books and fair passes sponsored by the Clark County 4-H Advisory Committee.   

Go to to complete the evaluation.  Your answers will not be connected to you personally.  If you choose to provide your contact information at the end of the survey, you will be entered into the monthly prize drawings. 

Drawings will take place on March 15, April 15, May 15, and June 15.  Winners will be announced in the Weekly Updates and notified by their contact information. 

Anyone that completed QA during the Dairy Clinic on Feb. 13 in-person or by zoom may complete the on-line evaluation now.  Anyone that completes Quality Assurance on March 13 by ZOOM or In-Person may complete the evaluation after and prior to the March 15 drawing.


Horse Sense for 4-H Advisors

The Annual Horse Sense for 4-H Advisors will be held by ZOOM on Monday, March 15, 7 PM.  Any 4-H club or FFA chapter that has youth enrolled with 4-H horse projects MUST have at least one 4-H advisor participate.  Go to to attend.

The Horse Committee will hold its March Committee meeting immediate afterwards using the same link. 


4-H Equine-Related Activities on Horseback Facemask Exemption

Due to safety concerns - the potential for face masks to cover the eyes and/or otherwise move and need adjusted which would result in distractions and possible loss of control of the animal and thereby pose safety concerns for the rider, horse, and others in the immediate vicinity of the 4-H activity - 4-H participants may be exempted from wearing facemasks while on horseback only.

This ONLY applies while 4-H participants are on horseback and in sole control of their animal. Masks shall be worn at all other times while participating in 4-H equine-related activities.

This exemption encompasses all 4-H educational and competitive events, including those related to preparing for junior fairs, in which 4-H participants must be on horseback and during which wearing a facemask poses significant safety concerns to rider, horse, and other participants.


All other guidelines for in-person 4-H club meetings and events continue to be in effect and must be followed. Those guidelines include, but are not limited to:

    • The health and safety of the 4-H community is our priority.
    • Send notices in advance of meetings and events outlining expectations. Include physical distancing requirements, require face masks, and a statement informing individuals they must not participate in-person if they or anyone in their household, is experiencing fever, cough, or shortness of breath.
    • Groups cannot be larger than 50 people, including adults, youth, presenters, etc.
    • Plan ahead to provide six feet of physical distance. Know the maximum number of people who may safely be in the meeting space/venue, based on local health department and OSU directives.
    • Take attendance at the meeting or event by checking off names on a roster. Do not pass around a paper for individuals to sign or have members sign-in. This attendance record must be kept in case someone attending the meeting/event contracts COVID-19 and information is needed for contact tracing.


In the 4-H Spirit,
Patty House
4-H Extension Educator