March 6, 2021 - 10:53am --

Clark County 4-H Families and Volunteers:

One year ago, I was in Florida on vacation when COVID-19 first became our new reality.  My phone blew up with texts and calls wanting to know what would happen with 4-H for the year.  Would there be Fair or Camp?  Should we buy animals for 4-H projects?  2020 may not have been the 4-H year we wanted, but we made the BEST of the hand we were dealt.    

One year later, this letter comes to you from Florida as I begin my vacation and some of those same questions are being asked.  With Governor DeWine’s recent announcement, we know that there will be a 2021 Fair barring any setback from COVID-19 variants.  I know 4-H families are visiting farms and attending sales to purchase animals for this year’s projects and clubs are having meetings following COVID-19 protocols.    

The one question, I still cannot answer is ‘are we going to Camp Clifton for 4-H Camp’.  What I can tell you is that 4-H Camp Counselors, staff, and I are planning for 4-H Camp for June 20-24.  We are committed to conducting 4-H Camp in whatever format will be possible with COVID-19 still present in our lives.  Ohio 4-H has put forth a plan to Ohio State University to review for conducting 4-H camps across Ohio and we are waiting for their decision by April 1, 2021.  As soon as I know, you will know.         

This upcoming week is Ohio 4-H Week – March 7- 13.  This week marks the start of finding your “SPARK” in 4-H.  We hope you take advantage of the Ohio 4-H STEM activities during March, April, and May.  You can access them at

Regardless of what 4-H project(s) you choose to take in 4-H this year, we hope you find your SPARK for “Making the BEST Better” the 4-H Way.  We encourage 4-H clubs to add a little spark to club meetings by using the “Grab and Go Club Meeting Toolkit” available at

In addition, utilize “Make the Best 4-H Clubs Better” 20-minute activities to develop leadership and communication skills in your members.  Access these 20-minute activities at Making the Best 4-H Clubs Better Ohio 4-H Youth Development.


2021 Clark County Jr. Fair Rabbit Market Rule Update

The Clark County 4-H and FFA Rabbit & Poultry Committee along with the Clark County Fair Board voted at their February meetings to change the breeds of rabbits used for market rabbits back to any recognized commercial-type rabbit breed.  To clarify that information for 4-H and FFA members, please see the rule change below. 

RULE CHANGE UPDATE:  Market rabbits (single fryer, meat pen or roaster) may be from any recognized commercial-type rabbit breed.   The optimal breeds for meat rabbits are New Zealand and Californian.  Additional breeds permitted for the meat classes include French Angora, Giant Angora, Satin Angora, Blanc De Hotot, Champaign d’Argent, Cinnamon, American Chinchilla, Crème d’Argent, French Lop, Harlequin, Palomino, Rex, American Sable, Satin, Silver Fox, and Silver Marten.


Youth Quality Assurance Required by June 7, 2021 – Chance to Win Prizes in 2021 TOO!

Youth with market animals MUST complete the annual Youth Quality Assurance no later than June 7, 2021 to show at the Clark County and/or Ohio State Fair. 

Members Who Must Attend:  Market Beef, Market Dairy Steers, Market Goats, Market Hogs, Market Lambs, Meat Chickens, Meat Ducks, Meat Turkeys, Market Rabbits, Lactating Dairy Cows and Lactating Dairy Goats

How Can You Attend:  4-H Club QA Programs, Species Clinics Offering QA and ZOOM QA

Complete the Survey to Win Prizes:  Complete the 2021 Youth Quality Assurance Evaluation on-line after you participate in any 2021 Clark County Youth Quality Assurance Program.   Prizes will include gift certificates, cash awards, project books and fair passes sponsored by the Clark County 4-H Advisory Committee.   

Go to to complete the evaluation.  Your answers will not be connected to you personally.  If you choose to provide your contact information at the end of the survey, you will be entered into the monthly prize drawings. 

Drawings will take place on March 15, April 15, May 15, and June 15.  Winners will be announced in the Weekly Updates and notified by their contact information. 

Anyone that completed QA during the Dairy Clinic on Feb. 13 in-person or by zoom may complete the on-line evaluation now.  Anyone that completes Quality Assurance on March 13 by ZOOM or In-Person may complete the evaluation after and prior to the March 15 drawing.


4-H and FFA Rabbit & Cavy Clinic & QA In-Person and by ZOOM

Sat. March 13, Youth Bldg., Clark County Fairgrounds


Register by March. 11.  Go to

All Covid-19 Protocols Will Be Followed.

Quality Assurance – In-Person and ZOOM – 9 AM-10 AM:  Only market rabbit members may attend in person for QA.  Any other 4-H or FFA member with any kind of market animal project may participate by ZOOM.  Regardless of how you choose to participate you must register by March 11 .  A ZOOM link will be e-mailed on Friday, March 12 to anyone who chooses to participate by ZOOM on March 13th.  

Clinic – In-Person and ZOOM – 10 AM to Noon:  This year's Rabbit and Cavy judges will be presented.  Rabbit cages and equipment will be available for purchase.  Selection, care, and health related topics will be covered and review of the rules.  

4-H Project Books will be available for purchase.  The cost for each book is listed below.  Please make checks payable to OSU Extension, Clark County.  If paying by cash, please have exact cash.  

  • Pet Rabbit Book - $6.44
  • Market Rabbit Book - $6.44
  • Breeding Rabbit Book - $6.44
  • Cavy Book - $6.44
  • Rabbit Resource Handbook - $11.83
  • Cavy Resource Handbook - $13.96


Horse Sense for 4-H Advisors

The Annual Horse Sense for 4-H Advisors will be held by ZOOM on Monday, March 15, 7 PM.  Any 4-H club or FFA chapter that has youth enrolled with 4-H horse projects MUST have at least one 4-H advisor participate.  Go to to attend.

The Horse Committee will hold its March Committee meeting immediate afterwards using the same link. 


4-H Enrollment Deadline April 15

Every 4-H member and volunteer must enroll or re-enroll in 4-H using 4-H on-line at  You may access the direct link to enroll on the Clark County 4-H App under Clubs and Enrollment and complete enrollment off your phone. 

Please e-mail Linda Newman, Office Associate, or 937-398-7604 for enrollment assistance including but not limited to:

  • To correct an error while re-enrolling – enrolled under wrong club, wrong project, etc. 
  • To obtain the e-mail connected to your 4-H On-Line enrollment
  • To change your e-mail to a new email so you can re-enroll.
  • To assist you with getting enrolled or re-enrolled.


COVID-19 Vaccination Facts

One of the GPP’s that we are focusing on in the Youth Livestock Quality Assurance Program this year is GPP’2:  Implementing an Effective and Efficient Health Management Plan.  As I explained to 4-H Club Advisors who attended the Quality Assurance for Club Advisors Instructor Training on March 2, there is no better year than now to teach about BIO-SECURITY. 

Why am I connecting animals’ biosecurity to COVID-19 vaccinations?  Because vaccinations are what help keep our animals from getting disease and is part of any animal health management plan.  Vaccinations are what help humans stay healthy and prevent us from getting diseases as well from measles to pneumonia to the flu and now COVID-19.  Maybe you or someone you know has already gotten the vaccination.  Maybe you are someone anxiously waiting for your turn to be able to get the COVID-19 vaccine.  Or you may be someone who still has many questions about the COVID-19 vaccines. 

Here are the facts about the COVID-19 Vaccines to help answer questions you may have:COVID-19 Vaccines

  • All COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. 
  • You cannot get COVID-19 from a COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • COVID-19 vaccine trials were among the largest in history. 
  • COVID-19 vaccines have not been linked to infertility or miscarriage.
  • No serious safety concerns were observed in clinical trials.
  • COVID-19 vaccine will not change your DNA or alter your genetic makeup.
  • Vaccine injections do NOT contain microchips or tracking devices.
  • Vaccines do not cause Autism. 




In the 4-H Spirit,

Patty House
4-H Extension Educator