September 17, 2020 - 12:50pm --

Join us for a trip to Mars Base Camp, October 4-11, 2020 during National 4-H Week!  Thanks to the Ohio 4-H Foundation and Google, you can purchase this year’s National 4-H STEM Challenge for $7.80 + tax.  To get your discount code go to In addition, find the completed Mars Base Camp STEM Challenge details at!2020-challenge  Youth will explore sending a mission to Mars and what it takes to sustain life in space.  Coding, engineering and agriculture skills are combined in this hands-on experience for youth.  To assist youth in their Mars Journey, the Ohio 4-H STEM Team will be hosting a variety of virtual experiences Oct. 4-11 including guest speakers, demonstrations, videos and activities.  Take advantage of this opportunity to explore coding and space with the Mars Base Camp STEM Challenge.  Don’t delay order your kit with the coupon code today!