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Week 4

Challenge 7: Catapult Challenge     YouTubeVideo

Challenge 8: Fitness Fun Challenge     YouTube Video

Week 3

Challenge 5: Tie-Dye Challenge      YouTube Video

Challenge 6:  Big Catch Fish Challenge      YouTube Video

Week 2

Challenge 3:  Snap Shot Photo     YouTube Video

Challenge 4:  Recycle Rock-N-Roll     YouTube Video

Week 1

Challenge 1:  Mask Making    YouTube Video

Challenge 2: Outdoor Explorer   YouTube Video


More Information

Who: Youth ages 5 to 18
When: Throughout the summer
What: Fun, hands-on learning activities and challenges
How: Challenges created by counselors, staff and 4-H Extension Educator, Patty House
Why: To keep Learning-by-Doing and to Make the Best Better alive in our homes and communties

Explore the 4-H's - Head, Heart, Hands and Health

  • Become a DIY 4-H maker
  • Engage in STEM experiments
  • Explore the great outdoors
  • Develop healthy living skills
  • Investigate different 4-H projects
  • Contribute to community and so much more

Share Your Experiences

  • Invite friends to take the challenge too. You don't have to be in 4-H to participate.
  • Share your experiences by submitting photos, video clip or comments on the Clark County 4-H Facebook page or by emailing them to so we can share on our website.

Earn the 4-H Cyber Challenge Award

  • Complete at least 10 of the 24 challenges
  • Awards presented at Fair if possible or at a different event