PDF Version:  All forms are fillable PDF forms, so that you can complete them on your computer save and e-mail them.  Forms that require signature you will need to print out and sign and then send on the designated return location.  The date form is due is listed to the right of the form name.


2019 Missed Project Judging/Skill-a-thon Mediation Form (July 5, 4:30 p.m.)


Alpaca/Llama Ambassador Application (June 15)


2019 Animal Royalty Application (Please see application for due date)

2019 4-H King and Queen Application (July 1)

2019 Clark County 4-H Scholarship (July 1)

2019 Outstand 4-H Memember Award (July 1)


2019 Clark County Cattle Producer's Class Entry Form (Beef Tag-in or February 1)

2019 Clark County Cattle Producers Scholarship Application (January 23)

2019 Clark County Spring Beef Classic (March 9)

Beef Queen Application (June 15)

2019 Clark County 4-H Senior Beef and Winterhoff Award Application (June 15)


2019 Camp Counselor Packet (October 31)

2019 Clark County 4-H Camp Scholarship Application (May 15)

2019 Clark County 4-H Camp

2019 Clark County STEM Camp


Club Forms

4-H Member New Enrollment Form (This form is for New Families) (April 1)

2019 Re-enrollment Instructions - Enrollment due April 1

4-H Across County Line Application - PDF  (Use to apply for 4-H membership into another county from your home residence.  This is a permanent transfer unless your family situation changes.  Application for across county line membership should occur before a member selects a project.)

2019 4-H Club Startup Packet

2019 4-H Publications Order Form - PDF  (Complete to order 4-H projects and resource books for your 4-H club.)

4-H Club Constitution Fill-able Form - PDF  (Every 4-H club must use this constitution format.  Complete required fields, sign and return to the Clark County Extension with your club's enrollment forms.)

 2019 Club Enrollment Packet

Clark County 4-H Club & Committee Financial Management Binder

4-H Club and Committee Financial Management Best Practices

4-H Club Dues and County Activity Fee Tracking Form
4-H Club Fundraising Request Form
4-H Club or Committee Annual Financial Review and Audit Form
4-H Club or Committee Budget
4-H Club or Committee Checkbook Balancing Reconciliation Form
4-H Club or Committee Personal Reimbursement Form
4-H Club or Committee Treasurer’s Report

4-H Group Tax Exemption Authorization
4-H Project Book Tracking Form for Clubs
2019 4-H Fundraising Information
2019 4-H Fundraising Recordsheet
2019 Candy Box Order Card

2019 Tax Exemption Filing for 4-H Clubs and Committees
Clark County 4-H Club and Committee Yearly Financial Summary
Documentation of Club or Committee Deposit
Financial record for 4-H Club or Committee Treasury
Receipt of Cash Accounting Form
Sales Tax Usage and Blanket Exemption Certificate

Ohio Volunteer Conference

2019 Ohio 4-H Volunteer Conference Book

2019 Ohio 4-H Volunteer Form 



Dairy Royalty Application (June 15)


Canine Royalty Application (June 15)

4-H Dog Acitivities Disclosure and Release of Claims Form (April 1)

Clark County Dog Project Identification and Vaccination Certificate (April 1)


Goat Ambassador Application (June 15)

2019 Clark County Market Goat Producer's Class Entry Form (May 11 at Tag In)


4-H Horse Permisssion to Participante in Horse Activities (April 1)

Club Horse and Equine Discription Form (May 1)

Horse Lease and ID Form (May 1)

Outstanding Horse Youth Application (June 1)

Mini Circuit Showbill 

Clark County Jr. Fair Horse Show Sponsorship Form

Miscellaneous (Non-livestock)

2019 Miscellaneous Project Judging Schedule


Family, Food and Fashion Board Application (April 1)

Shooting Sports

Possession of Handgun by a Juvenile Form (April 1)

Shooting Sports Liability and Permission to Participate Form (April 1)

2019 Clark County 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador Application (July 1)

2019 Clark County 4-H Shooting Sports Judging Schedule and Registration Form (July 10)



Market Turkey Order Form (March 15)

Market Chicken Order Form (May 1)

Market Duck Order Form (May1)

Jr. and Sr. Poultry Ambassador Application (June 15)

Rabbit and Cavy

2018 Rabbit Breeders List

Rabbit Royalty Application (June 15)

2019 Cavy Registraion Form

2019 Rabbit Registration Form




Lamb Princess Application (July 1)

Miss Lamb and Wool Queen Application (July 1)

2019 Clark County Born & Raisied Market Lamb Entry (May 11, Tag In)

2019 Clark County Miss Lamb & Wool Queen Application (July 1)


Pork Queen Application (March 15)

2019 Clark County Market hog Removal Form (Fair Weigh In)

2019 Swine Producers Survey for County Farrowed (Producers Only)

Teen Leadership Opportunities

2019 4-H Achievement Form (February 4, 2019)

2019 Clark County 4-H  Award Trip Application (March 1, 2019)

2019 Clark County 4-H Scholarship (July 1, 2019)

2019 Ohio 4-H Conferece Booklet and Ohio 4-H Conference Form (February 4, 2019)