Picture of Clark County 4-H App with QR Code

Clark County 4-H members, volunteers, families and supporters can stay connected with all Clark County 4-H by downloading the Clark County 4-H App.  The app is FREE!  All you need to do is search Clark County 4-H in your Google or Apple App Store to download.  You can also scan the QR Code.  Please share the Clark County 4-H App with your friends and family too.  You will have access to instant updates to the 4-H Calendar as changes occur.  You will also have access to all the documents and information for Clark County 4-H and the Clark County Jr. Fair at your fingertips.  Take advantage of this new digital communication tool to keep you connected and up-to-date. 


Other Social Media

Facebook@OSUEClarkCounty and @clarkcounty4h


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