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Learn how to join a club near your home. Become a member of one the 4-H Clubs in Clark County.

In-Person Meeting Guide 1/16/2021


Highlights For In-Person 4-H Club Meetings and Activities (as of 2/5/2021)

· Meeting/Event must be educationally focused.

· Maximum of 50 total people in attendance. Group size may be reduced based on COVID-19 spread in the community.

· Need at least 30 square feet per person whether meeting inside or outside.

· Maintain 6 ft. of social distancing between all participants.

· Wear masks at all times inside and outdoors.

· Provide hand sanitizer and/or hand washing area with soap and water for participants.

· Disinfect tables, chairs, equipment, supplies prior and after meeting and between users with an EPA approved disinfectant or bleach solution of 1/3 cup bleach to 1 gallon water.

· Provide individual copies of materials to each person. 

· Post signage at your 4-H club meetings and  activities regarding Wear Mask, 6ft. Social Distance, Hand Hygiene, etc.

· Don’t Provide Food or Drink for Participants. Potlucks and buffets ARE NOT PERMITTED!

· Discourage Participants From Bringing Food or Drink to Meetings.  When participants are eating and drinking, they are not wearing masks.

· Take attendance at every meeting/event using a roster include members, cloverbuds, volunteers, parents and/or others in attendance.  Rosters may be needed to help facilitate contact tracing with the local health

    department.  Must keep attendance records for 6 months!

· Encourage participants to SELF-CHECK prior to attending 4-H meetings and/or events for COVID-19 symptoms including temperature.      

· Participants Must Immediately Quarantine IF they develop COVID-19 symptoms, test positive to COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who tested positive to COVID-19.

· Participants In Quarantine and Isolation should seek medical care and contact the Clark County Combined Health District at 937-390-5600 to report exposure or positive COVID to assist with contact

   tracing. Must attend 4-H meetings/activities VIRTUALLY for 14 days or until quarantine is complete.


  • Clark County is at a Level 4, Purple or approaching Level 4, Purple.

·     Any non-educational 4-H meeting/event/activity.

·     If an individual who has attended a 4-H club meeting or activity within the last 14 days tests positive to COVID-19 or was exposed to a positive COVID-19.  Stop all in-person 4-H club activities and meetings for 14 days following the exposure. Only hold virtual meetings/activities during this time, assist Clark County Combined Health District with contact tracing.   


Virtual Club Management

4-H Online Club Leadership Options

4-H Online How to Access Your Family Profile

Communicating Online with Your Club

Tips and Tricks for Meeting with Your Club

Steps to Host a ZOOM Meeting


4-H Club Brochures by School District 

Clark Shawnee Greenon Northeastern
Northwestern Southeastern Springfield


2021 New Parent Letter

Click here for 4-H Enrollment Instructions for new families - Enroll by April 15

Click here to watch the  YouTube Instructions for New 4-H Families.

Click here for re-enrollment instructions for all returning members, cloverbuds and volunteers - Enroll by April 15

Click here for the YouTube Instructions for all returning members, cloverbuds and volunteers.

4-H Membership

Eligibility for 4-H membership begins when a child has reached age 5 and is enrolled in kindergarten as of January 1st of the current year.  Membership with 4-H projects begins when a child is at least age 8 and enrolled in 3rd grade as of January 1st of the current year or age 9 regardless of grade.  4-H membership ends December 31 of the year in which an individual reaches age 19.  Youth age 9 and above by January 1 of the current year regardless of grade are elegible for projects. Membership is open to any youth regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, sex, age, handicap, or Vietnam-era status.

There are over 200 projects 4-H members may select to enroll and participate in over the course of a year.  The Family Guide gives an overview of each 4-H Project.  In addition, you can check out all the 4-H projects on-line through 4-H Project Central.

2021 Parent's Guide to Making the Best Better - Reference for important dates and information for you and your child's successful involvement in the Clark County 4-H Program.


Youth, 5 years old and in Kindergarten through 2nd grade, may only participate in Cloverbud Programming using activities appropriate for their age.  4-H Cloverbuds may not enroll with a 4-H project or participate in any competitive 4-H events. 

4-H Club Enrollment Deadline

Mark your calendars: The 4-H Club Membership and Project Enrollment Deadline is April 15 of the current year in order to participate in Project Judging/Skillathons and the Clark County Junior Fair.  All 4-H member re-enrollment forms and 4-H member enrollment forms must be turned in by April 15. Your 4-H club and project enrollment is your qualification for participating in the Clark County Junior Fair. Please take great care in choosing and recording project numbers on re-enrollment and enrollment forms. You may not add 4-H projects after the April 15th deadline.

Across County Lines Membership

Youth are encouraged to participate in a 4-H club in their home county.  However, sometimes, families choose for their children to belong to a 4-H program in a county other than their home residence.  If you are in this situation, you will need to complete an Across County Lines 4-H Form. Send your completed form to the County Extension Office of request.  Your request will be reviewed by the 4-H Youth Development Extension Educators (residence & request) and acted upon.  Once reviewed, you will receive a letter approving or denying your request.  This application only needs to be completed once during a 4-H member's tenure unless their situation changes.


Financial Information for 4-H Clubs and Committees

Clark County 4-H Club & Committee Financial Binder

Individual forms can be located on the Application and Forms page.



Annual Accident Insurance for 4-H Club Members

4-H Club Charter Checklist - Charter Checklist- click for a copy

Each club must complete the charter checklist every year to insure proper structure for a 4-H Club and adhere to the guidelines required by Ohio State University Extension and National 4-H Headquarters. The checklist must be completed and signed by 4-H Club Organizational Advisor and submitted to the Clark County Extension Office, 3130 East Main Street, Springfield, OH 45505 or e-mail to  by April 1 of the current year. The Clark County Extension 4-H Professional will review the club charter, sign and issue charters annually to those clubs meeting requirements.

4-H Club Constitution - 4-H Club Constitution - click for fillable PDF

Every Club must adopt the new constitution format.

Fill in the Club name and County name in Article I - Name.

If the Club finds it necessary, fill in additional policies of the club in Article IV - Policies.

Have the Club President and Club Organizational Advisor both sign the adopted constitution on the final pages.

No other changes may be made to the Club Constitution.  This is a fill able PDF document.

Retain a copy for your 4-H Club records and submit a copy to the Clark County Extension Office, 3130 East Main Street, Springfield, OH  45505 or e-mail to to be kept on file.  Club constitutions must be submitted with club enrollment and your club charter checklist by April 1 of the current year.

Adoption of the 4-H Club Constitution is required for any new 4-H club at organization.

4-H Club By-Laws - By-Laws Template -click for PDF

The adoption of 4-H Club By-Laws provides a framework for the Club’s operation/management and may be adopted in addition to the Club Constitution, but is not a requirement.  The items provided in the By-Laws Optional Template are only samples and suggestions.  4-H Clubs should seriously consider any By-Laws to be sure that items included do not conflict with the Club Constitution.  When a club adopts By-Laws, a copy must be submitted for file in the Clark County Extension Office and a new copy, if  By-Laws are changed in the future.

Officer Resources

Use this link for the following Officer Resources 

PresidentPresident's Handbook, Planning the Meeting Agenda and Sample Meeting Script

Vice President - Vice President's Handbook, Club Member List, Club Yearly Calendar, Committee Planning Sheet, Committee Summary Sheet, Guest Speaker Guidelines and Planning the Meeting Agenda

Secretary - Secretary's Handbook, Club Roll, List of Advisor and Officers, List of Committees, Meeting Notes Worksheet, and Official Meeting Minutes Form

Treasurer - Treasurer's Handbook, Budget Form, Check Balancing/Reconciliation Form, Record of Club Finances, Treasurer's Report and Yearly Summary

News Reporter - News Reporter's Handbook, Meeting Report Form and News Reporter Summary

Health Officer - Healther Officer's Handbook

Historian - Historian's Handbook and Historian Event Information Form

Safety Officer - Safety Officer's Handbook

Recreation Leader - Recreation Leader's Handbook, Activity Planning Sheet, Blue Ribbon Games and Recreation Plan for the Year

Community Service Officer - Community Service Officer's Handbook

Flag Bearer - Showing Respect for American and 4-H Flags

4-H and Social Media - National 4-H Social Media Dashboard, Social Media Webinar Series, National 4-H Social Media Guidelines, and Ohio 4-H Guidelines for Social Networking and Websites

Parliamentary Procedure Resources

  • For members:  Who Wants to Be a Parliamentrian?, York County 4-H Parliamentary Procedure Handbook from Pennsylvania 4-H, Using Parlimentary Procedure Plain and Simple, Parliamentary Procedure from Illinois 4-H, and Tools of Parliamentary Procedure from Ohio 4-H (Belmont Co.)
  • For club advisors and teen leaders:  Every Member Needs to Know activity from Ohio 4-H Advisors Handbook, Parliamentary Procedure Terms Activity from Ohio 4-H Advisors Handbook, Practice Makes Perfect Parliamentary Procedure from Ohio 4-H (Adams Co.), Parliamentary Procedure videos from Ohio 4-H (Vinton Co.), Basic Parliamentary Procedure for 4-H Clubs from Utah 4-H (Weber Co.), Quick and Easy Guide for Teaching Parliamentary Procedure from Wisconsin 4-H Southern District LeadershipTeam, and Parliamentary Activity Kit from Ohio 4-H (Hardin County)