Clark County sits in west central Ohio, amidst of an artery of interstate highways consisting of I-70, I-75 and I-675.  Springfield, the county seat, contains a majority of the county’s population.  Eighty-nine percent (164,000 acres) of the county is in agricultural production, primarily crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat and grass & alfalfa hay.  In 2007, there were 740 farms in the county, with an average farm size of 222 acres.  Total farm numbers are slowly decreasing, yet average farm size is increasing.  Clark County has led state in yield per acre in corn, soybeans and wheat.  We have strong greenhouse and nurseries, farm markets, turf and fresh flower production, specialty crops for foreign markets, and hay going to states in the Deep South.

Clark County is blessed to contain some of the richest soils and water supplies in the world!  The Mad River Flood plain contains the Teays buried water aquifer, containing the best water in the world!  Only four other parts of the world contain soils to similar production capabilities that Clark County has as well!

Springfield also has a rich past as well!  Our city was heavily involved in farm manufacturing of farm machinery.  Champion Company was the second largest industrial facility under one roof in its glory days.
In 1928, Springfield was the world largest manufacturer of chick incubators & brooders, thermometers and roses.