Looking for help with your gardening questions?  Here are the options: 

1.  Calling the Extension office via telephone

You can call our office and you will be forwarded to our Lawn and Garden helpline message system.  A MGV will call you back within 48 hours to get more details and to help with the problem.  Call 937-398-7600 and leave a detailed message.

You can also stop by the Extension office and bring in a plant sample (make it a great sample so that we can give you a good diagnosis).  It should be a sample that shows transition from live to dead.  We can't do autopsies on dead twigs - we won't be able to tell you anything!  For more information on samples, click here.  This is the C. Wayne Ellet Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic website - see below for another option.  Click on the left side to learn what type of sample to bring. 


2.  Use our online Ask a Master Gardener system

MGVs are online taking questions from ohio gardeners as they come into the Aamgv system.  you will get an answer within 24-48 hours.  Submit information online at the link below and be sure to provide detailed information.  You can also submit photos - make sure they are clear, high definition, and explain the situation from your point of view.  After you click below, be sure to click on the ask a master gardener link for home lawn and garden questions.  other questions not related to lawn and garden can be posed to the ask an expert link on the left.

Ask a Master Gardener Volunteer


3.  Submit a sample through our C. Wayne Ellet Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic

You are able to submit a sample directly to the clinic for a fee (all of the above are free).  This is especially helpful if we are not able to determine the diagnosis.  Click here to go to the Clinic page and to learn how to submit a sample and the fees associated.