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Bee Haven


The Landscape with Nature Garden was established in 2021 as a Pollinator Project to grow plants to provide habitat (food, water, shelter, and space) to support pollinators.

Bees, butterflies, moths, wasps, flies, and hummingbirds are all pollinators. Pollination is the transferring of a pollen grain from the male anther of a flower to a female stigma. About 35% of the world’s food crops and 75% of the world’s flowering plants require animal pollination to reproduce.

The Landscape with Nature Garden contains two research plots. One plot is planted with species and the other is planted with cultivars of the species to see if pollinators visit each equally. The plants were provided by a grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Currently, in addition to the research project, there is a Bee Haven Garden with carefully selected plants identified for their high nutrition value to honeybees, native bees and other pollinators. Also, there is a holding area of a large variety of mostly native plants that is being developed into a Butterfly Garden. 

All the garden plantings are an attempt to use the grounds of the SPGA to provide habitat to sustain the diversity in the ecosystem for future generations.