The Ohio State University turf research and display plots were established in the Snyder Park Gardens and Arboretum spring of 2016. The former plots, established in 2001 were located at the Gateway Learning Gardens. These research plots are designed to demonstrate how good maintenance practices can lead to the reduced use of pesticides. In addition, these plots demonstrate the different types of grass seed mixes that can be used in establishing a lawn.

In regards to maintenance, we show how proper mowing techniques and fertilization affects the quality of the lawn. High mowing generally leads to a low weed density and low mowing generally leads to a higher density of weeds.

The current turf plots were established on the former practice putting green at the Snyder Park Golf Course. After the sand was removed from the 60’ x 90’ area, it was filled with topsoil and compost. The plot was then divided into six 60’x 15’ sections. Each section was planted with a different seed blends graciously provided by Green Velvet Sod Farms. The blends are listed below. In 2016 the plots consisted of half weeds and half turfgrass. Following over-seeding in the fall combined with fertilizer, the turfgrass started to fill in. A spring 2017 application of a crab grass pre-emergent in the spring greatly improved the overall appearance. In 2017, the maintenance consists mostly of mowing along with minor weed control and watering if necessary. In 2018, the OSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Turf Committee members will divide each 60’x15’ plot into four different sections and fertilize at various rates to show the effects on each.

Seed Blends Used in the Research Plots


Plot # 1 Green Velvet's Finest Blend
45% elite perennial rye grass
              40% elite Ky. Blue grass
              15% creeping red fescue

Green Velvet's Finest Blend








Plot # 2 Traditional Blend

              30% chewing fescue
              30% hard fescue
              20% creeping red fescue
              20% blue fescue

Traditional Blend








Plot # 3 Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

              100% 4-5 elite blue grass varieties

Kentucky Bluegrass Blend








Plot # 4 Sports Blend

              80% elite tall fescues
              10% Ky. Blue grass
              10% elite perennial rye grass

Sports Blend








Plot # 5 Trophy XRE Blend

              100% 3-4 elite type tall fescue varieties

Trophy Blend








Plot # 6 Champion Blend

              100% 3-4 elite perennial rye grass varieties




All grass seed has been donated by Green Velvet Sod Farms.